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Google’S New Plugin For WordPress “Google Publisher”

Google has Officially announced a plugin for WordPress users to use their Google products including Google Webmaster Tools  and Adsense called as Google Publisher . This plugin  was released on 15 – jan -2014 and its still in beta series, i hope the coming update will be a greater one with more features and functions.

Right Now you can use this plugin to place your Google Adsense ads easily and also use it for Google webmaster site verification. With this tool you can easily place your adsense ads suggested by the plugin. For now, the plugin currently supports four ad formats: automatic (which chooses the most appropriate size), horizontal banner (728×90), vertical banner (160×600) and rectangle (300×250). For ads placements Google automatically places markers on the screen for spots where ads would fit, and all a user has to do is select one of these spots to start service ads there.

For example see the picture below – 

With so many WordPress websites on the market, the company clearly wants to make sure its main source of income is available on as many of these as possible. Given the wide variety of WordPress templates, however, chances are this won’t work with every site. Google acknowledges as much and says that it is still fine-tuning the plugin to make sure it works well on the many WordPress sites out there. Anyways do subscribe to my blog for more hottest updates.

It you want to test the plugin at beta stage !

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