Choosing the Best Niche for your blog – Finding Ideas for New Blogs

Do you want to make a blog and earn money from it. This article is for the newbies who are confused to choose the best topic to blog on and the profitable topics. In this article i will share some tips you can decide upon before choosing the right niche for your blog  to get some profit from you blog. There are many things to consider before starting your blog which are stated below.

Your passion in the selected Niche

Ask yourself, do you really have passion about the topic you are choosing to blog about. If not, then just simply kick that idea and think something different and now you will find it difficult to think about what you like the most, just dig a deeper in your mind and try to find what you like the most, what you want to do anytime, what you are doing most of the times and what you really passionate about, perhaps, it is the most difficult task. Try to identify 3-4 topics you like the most and then think about another aspect.

Analyse the competition before Choosing a Niche for blog

If you are a SEO webmaster then there is no need to analyse competition, you’ll definitely have the idea of how to rank for any niche in Google. But I think you are a newbie that’s why you are reading this guide, now you are thinking what should you do to get good results.
Make a list of the niche you choosed you like most in Step 1 and then enter their main keywords in Google one by one. Now you will see different sites on the first page of Google. Find the alexa rank and page rank of those sites, and if the sites which are ranking on the first page have good Alexa and PR then don’t got for that niche and drop that idea and try this with other Topics, you can choose the topic which has less competition.

Getting Resources for your blog

Now if you chosen your blog according to your interest then there is no problem you can get as many ideas to write about on your blog, but what if you are not passionate about your blog topic, then I recommend you to hire some professional writers, there are many available on the Web. You can also find some freelance writers on Fiverr.

How to Get more attention in blogosphere

Join groups under your Niche, find the perfect blogs under your niche and keep regular contact with the owner of that blog and make good relationship with other bloggers, this will ultimately help you indirectly to drive traffic to your blog. Analyze the blogs of other bloggers under your niche and try to find the strategies they use to make their blog popular and use those strategies on your blog.
This will definitely help you in traffic generation and search engine optimization.

Multi Niche Blog

If you are damn passionate about many things like tech, health, soccer, pet care or anything. Then you should start a multi niche blog, but maintaining a multi niche blog is a big deal you have to work very hard on it. The main advantages of multi niche blog is you will get more attention in the blogosphere and hence more traffic from social media and Google too if you have done good optimization.

These are some basic things you should ask yourself before starting a blog, if you are failed at this step then maybe your whole blogging career will be ruined. So be prepared.Thats it! if you have any doubts, queries or suggestions then leave them in the comment section below and keep visiting for more tips!