10 Things You Should Check Before Starting Your New Blogging Career

1. English Skills

English is a worldwide language, you can’t do anything on internet without knowing English perfectly. Blogging career totally depends on English. You have to write articles on English, so english writing skills are must for every blogger.
No problem if your primary language isn’t English, you know need to know the basics of English and I have confidence that you will improve this skill too by blogging. If you don’t know anything then go to English classes, use Google translator, plagiarism tools to learn English quickly. In some cases, you would have to improve your writing skills to attract visitors outside your country.

2. Internet Knowledge

Your new career is blogging, blogging means creating blogs on internet. So having internet knowledge is also a cruicial part. I think you already have enough internet knowledge because any one don’t know about blogging without having basic internet skills.
Examples: Installing browsers, plugins, buying and selling online, doing paypal transactions, online banking etc.

3. Domains & Hosting

You need a domain & hosting account to start blogging career, both are essential for blogging. I recommend to buy domain from Bigrock and a hosting account from Hostgator. Both companies are very trusted, used by lot of bloggers.
You can use Free blogger platform if you are starting blogging for time pass, but hosting is must if you are taking blogging as a serious business.

4. Time

Time is valuable and very very important if compared with other points. May be this point will be very silly for some readers, but it’s true. So many newbie’s quit blogging because of not having enough time to spend on blogging. The main reason of quitting is time, newbie’s can’t earn any money in the starting of their career, so they will spend most of their time for study or something other.
Create your daily working schedule to manage your study/business and blogging. Daily spend, at least 2 hours for blogging.  A Professional blogger spends more than 20 hours or even more to develop his/her website

5. Blogging Friends

Not only in real life, friends are also important in blogging career also. Finding a good friend is not much easy, but sometimes it is very hard in my experience. We need blogging friends to help in our career, they help us to solve out our problems and sometimes we solve their problems, this makes a good relationship between each other to succeed in blogging, so making a true and good friends is most important.

6. Good Blogging Knowledge

Many blogs, websites offer lots of ebooks, video tutorials to learn blogging perfectly. You need good blogging knowledge to create your own blog. And also you need to know what’s the purpose of doing it? Is it for money or for you passion! This is very important!

7. Enough money

You can’t start a professional blog without having minimum budget, you have to buy hosting, domain name, seo plugins, themes etc.

8. Monetization Techniques

You can’t earn anything from your blog without knowing some important monetization techniques. Monetization is very  important if compared with other tasks, your career totally depends on your monetization method. Learn more about monetization like Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, BuySellAds , Services etc.

9. Paypal & Credit or Debit cards.

So many Indians don’t have their own credit or debit cards to buy things online, paypal OR credit card is must for blogging. You can’t buy hosting, domains etc. things without having PayPal.

You can create your virtual credit card very quickly if you have a bank account, ATM card (debit card).

10. Family Support

Good family support gives you power to do more in this field, we can’t achieve anything without having family support. Ask your parents about their opinion on your blogging business. Take their blessings then start your blogging journey, All the best.