Every single second millions and millions of searches happens all around the world through search engines or social media platforms or some other websites. But what exactly people are searching for? Many of the people want to know the answer for this question especially blogger. Bloggers always wanted their viewers to get more engaged with the content. They always try to provide quality information on what the people are searching for so that they can more traffic and thereby more income from adsense or some other means of income.

All search engines and social media networks have their own norms to analyze the search traffic. Here I’m going to share you the most searched topics on the internet over the past few years.

As expected, PxxN occupies the leading position in top searched topics. About 14-15 keywords out of 20 belongs to this category. We will keep this category apart as of now because your website may be get banned if you have any adult content in your website. For applying adsense, Google Adsense terms and conditions says you website content should have pure, quality and no adult content.

We have categorized other mostly searched topics into 5. These five are Music and Movies, Programming languages, Blogging related topics, Educational information and Other category. Let’s deep dive into all of these categories.

Music and Movies:

There is absolutely no doubt in listing this field as the most searched topics on the internet over the years. Because we always love music and movies just like everyone does in this planet earth. Most of the people used to listen to music or watch movies when they get bored. Isn’t it? But amazingly 65% of the internet users are just surfing internet for the movies and music itself. Quite surprising figure right? And its pace of growth also constantly increasing. So if you want to start a blog, keep an eye on this particular topic to get more attention from the internet users.


Programming :

Here comes another widely searched topics, The Programming. It also contributes to good amount in the total number of searches made in the internet. Programming occupies 16% of the total search terms. This category includes all the programming languages like Java, C , Python and scripting languages like PHP, HTML and database languages and all the others. That’s the reason websites like geeksforgeeks, w3schools, tutorialspoint are very famous in this field.


Blogging :

Blogging contribution to the total number of searches is 11%. As of now it is considered as a small field. But the fact is its presence and search terms are increasing at an exponential pace with very high growth rate. On an average more than 10,000 people are getting engaged with blogging just with the motto of earning money online. So writing about blogging also could be the great way to get more number of audience.


Educational topics :

Nearly 8% of the internet audience are searching for educational topics related to their projects, subjects and their studies. Some of the best educational organizations have already established and running online educational programs successfully. But the popularity of this field is getting decreased day by day.


Other topics :

This category includes all the other topics except the above mentioned ones. This Others category includes topics like Health, Politics, Businesses etc etc. There is a one more most searched topic how to get imessage on windows?

This is the broad categories of the most popular search data over the years. You can use this data if you want to be a professional blogger and if you are confused on what to write!

Hope this article is worth reading! Please let us what you search for mostly on the internet through comments. Cheers!!

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