Free Backlinks checker tools for SEO :

Undoubtedly backlinks regarded as backbones for Search Engine Optimization. Here in this tutorial we will be knowing top free backlink checker tools we must give a try.

Everyone would like to follow the tips and tricks the competitors follow. We can get what on-page optimization the others are doing by simply analyzing their content and keywords. Backlinks and traffic sources also plays vital role in success of a blog which we can’t get them directly. It’s a good idea to keep knowing how the successful bloggers are building backlinks and what the domains in which they are building backlinks are. Just simply building backlinks doesn’t add any value. These backlinks should build from good and trusted sources.

Here we will be discussing the best backlinks checker tools for SEO.


Ahrefs is an awesome tool to get the full backlink report of any website. It has many more other features apart from site explorer which is used for backlink analysis. Ahrefs is regarded as the best backlink checker tool in the industry of blogging.

With site explorer feature of Ahrefs, we can get the detailed backlinks profile of any website or blog. We can get the information like domains that is linking to, What is the anchor text they’ve used and how strong is the backlinks are.

Other superb features of Ahrefs are Position explorer which aimed at analyzing competitors search traffic, Analysis of each keyword of your competitor which is performing better in organic search and what are the pages that are ranking high or low.

Content explorer feature is for knowing the content which is doing well in your niche. With this information we can analyze how our competitors wrote the articles, what are the strategies they are following to rank better etc.

Other features include Position tracker and Crawl report. Position tracker tool is for getting the data regarding the position of each keyword in search engines. We can get keyword performance data by country, by language and its performance in mobile devices and laptops etc. Crawl report feature identifies and fixes the common SEO issues with your site. If your site has any broken links or issues with loading speeds and indexing, this feature is very useful.

Ahrefs crawls nearly 5 billion webpages a day. It’s been the popular tool for webmasters to check for backlinks of their competitors.

We can try for a free trail for 14 days. I guess 14 days are enough to get what the data we require. But if you want to use it for more than that you can try for pro version. Different plans at different prices are available. Go and check each plan and corresponding features in Ahrefs website.


SEMRUSH is regarded as a great tool for competitor analysis and search marketing. It has many more advanced features like Keyword research, checking backlinks, competitor’s traffic sources and their rankings, and by using SEMRUSH we can also get the complete audit report for our site. Having great content alone is not enough for your site to perform well. We also need to build quality backlinks, have to do audits for every 1-2 months. In a single dashboard we can get full report using SEMRUSH.

It is every easy to use with nice web interface. Just simply enter your domain name in SEMRUSH search box. You will get A-Z report of your site. Total backlinks to your site, whether these backlinks are dofollow or nofollow, backlinks types, anchors texts and the domains from where they are referring to.

We can even get organic search results, if we are using paid methods then paid search traffic too. Its pro version has many more advanced features. Another useful add-on from SEMRUSH is SEOQuake. Worth try it.


Moz tool is famous for checking Page authority and page rankings for a website. But the only disadvantage with Moz is it update its rankings only once in a month. So people are using Alexa as metric for website rankings rather than Moz or any other which won’t update page rankings frequently.

With Moz Pro version you will get a complete SEO toolkit to improve rankings and search engine visibility. You can get started with a free 30 days trail. I think 30 days of trail period is more than enough to get started with your website things and to keep an eye on competitors tactics.

Open Link Profiler :

This SEO analysis is absolutely free of cost without compromising the quality of analysis. It will give information regarding Page title and link that is referring to our website, anchor text that we’ve used and the link to which it is pointing to and link creation date.

Another excellent feature of this tool is it can give your information about the link quality too. It calculates the link Influence score which is based on quality and number of links that is referring to a site. Higher the quality of inbound links, higher the Link influence score. It ranges from a scale of 0-100.

Link Influence score less than 20% is marked in red so that we’ll get to know that is considered as spam links. We have to deleted them using Google Disavow tool. Otherwise it affects our blog’s rankings and thereby search engine visibility.

There are lot of other SEO tools also available in Open Link Profiler. Give a try with them all.

SEO profiler :

I’ve recently came across this SEO profiler tool. Just like Open Link Profiler, It also has many features other than just checking backlinks. Similar to what we have discussed about Open Link Profiler, with SEO profiler also we can get full audit report of the website.

Coming to backlinks, SEO Profiler can give you a report on total number of active backlinks, Link influence score and total managed links that our website has. It also useful for getting Ranking statistics and Social statistics. Ranking statistics includes keywords position in search engines, average ranking of keywords etc. While social statistics gives information about website’s social engagement.

These listed 5 are the best SEO backlinks checker tools. If you have found any other tools other than listed ones, let us know through your comments. Do share this information with your friends.!!

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